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Mirae Asset Prévoir officially co-operating with F88 to provide life insurance

F88 Investment JSC and Mirae Asset Prévoir Life Insurance Company officially signed the exclusive life insurance distribution agreement on 27th February 2019 in Hanoi. Accordingly, sales office network of F88 will be an exclusive channel to distribute life insurance products of MAP Life.


The co-operation between Mirae Asset Prévoir and F88 aimed at building on the strengths of two parties, helping F88’s customers to easily and quickly approach life insurance products with advantages on the basis of innovative technology. It also enhances the quality of the loans and creates favourable conditions for customers to release from the financial pressure, ensuring dream fulfillment and enjoying comfortable life.


Representatives of Mirae Asset Prévoir and F88 started the signing ceremony


Sharing about this co-operation, Mr. Phung Anh Tuan, Chairman cum CEO of F88 said: “We always put customers at our hearts to develop our brand and head to the goal of building the first chain of financial convenience stores in Vietnam. The co-operation to distribute life insurance with Mirae Asset Prévoir will help F88’s customers as well as their families to minimize the risk of unpaid debts in case of unfortunate events happening to customers such as death or accident. This life insurance product also provides F88 with the possibility to avoid bad loans in such above stated events. Therefore, F88 expects this co-operation will be a push for us to complete financial services and enhance the quality of our products.



At the signing ceremony, Mr. Khamsaya Soukhavong, Chairman cum CEO of Mirae Asset Prévoir shared: “Mirae Asset Prévoir will be a companion of F88 to provide rounded financial solutions, meeting the diverse needs of customer at different life stages. Customers are not only provided with fast and convenient loans but also protected by value-rich life insurance products at one point of sale of F88”.