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Mirae Asset Prévoir wins Golden Dragon Award as "Leading Life Insurance Service" for two consecutive years

Mirae Asset Prévoir (MAP Life) is currently one of the leading life insurance company in terms of new policies issuance and a solvency margin up to 2,000% (20 times higher than required by the regulators), was just honored at the Golden Dragon Awards as the “Leading Life Insurance Services” by Vietnam Economics Times.

This is the second time the company receives the prestigious award for its continuous contribution to the Vietnamese economy through providing innovation solutions to fully meet various needs in customer’s different life stages and to enhance the quality of life insurance services.



On 6th April 2019, in the festival of Golden Dragon Award & Vietnamese Excellent Brand 2019 “New Prestige, New Opportunity”, Mr. Le Van Hai – Marketing Director attended and received this Award on behalf of Mirae Asset Prévoir (MAP Life).



The Golden Dragon Awards are the largest annual events organized by Vietnam Economics Times since 2001 in recognition of the outstanding achievements in production and business and the significant contributions made to the Vietnamese economy.