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Prévoir Vietnam presents new brand name – Mirae Asset Prévoir life insurance

Hanoi, 11 May 2018 – Mirae Asset Prévoir Life Insurance Company (“Mirae Asset Prévoir”) has held the ceremony “Launch of new brand name as Mirae Asset Prévoir” at Meliá Hanoi. The brand name “Mirae Asset Prévoir” is a harmonious combination of the brand “Mirae Asset” and “Prévoir” featuring the motto “A better tomorrow starts today”.
Representative of Association Insurance Vietnam, Mirae Asset Prévoir, Mirae Asset Life, SCOR Global Life, Mirae Asset Financial Group
and Prévoir Vie (from left to right) unveiling the Mirae Asset Prévoir launching ceremony

The ceremony was attended by the honourable delegates from regulators, the Embassies of France and South Korea, Prévoir Group in France, Mirae Asset Group in South Korea, and business partners in Vietnam.
With the remarkable track records in South Korea and the capital injection from its strategic shareholder Mirae Asset Life, Mirae Asset Prévoir will accelerate the expansion of its business and the implementation of strategic projects that drive innovation and success.
 Mr. Khamsaya Soukhavong, CEO of Mirae Asset Prévoir said: “Mirae Asset Prévoir is delighted that, with the strategic partnership with  Mirae Asset Life, we foster to gain more synergies with the Group leveraging the competitive advantages of technology, initiative, network, expertise and bancassurance know-how to achieve our long-term goals.
“The brand name Mirae Asset Prévoir will replace the previous brand Prévoir Vietnam. Under our new name, the company will continue to operate its current business activities and look forward to continue to grow and expand. Mirae Asset Prévoir is also committed to ensuring the interests of its customers and partners, and is striving to better and better serve our customers.” affirmed Mr. Khamsaya Soukhavong.

Mr. Khamsaya Soukhavong, CEO of Mirae Asset Prévoir speech at the ceremony

With over 13 year-experience of operation in Vietnam, Mirae Asset Prévoir has gained detailed insights on the customer’s needs attached with the habits and lifestyles of local people. Giving that the focus of direct sales model today has been shifted away from quantity-focus campaigns to more targeted and niche campaigns, customer-centric orientation has been implemented as our core business strategy. This strategy aims at building innovative service propositions designed around our customer’s needs, expectation and desires. Today, moving towards the upward digitalization trend in the field, our team has been working industriously concentrating on the simplification, and efficiency of the whole process to support our customers to get access to the right products with a right price, at a real time.   
Furthermore, Mirae Asset Prévoir is continuing to expand its presence in many cities and provinces since 2018. This step is not only to affirm our promise to maintain satisfying services for current customers, but also to recognize our devotion to help many more customers in the provinces protect their family’s financial future with life insurance cover.


Originally established in 1988, Mirae Asset Life is a member of Mirae Asset Financial Group, a leading independent financial services group in Korea. The company has extensive experience in providing diverse insurance products and advanced financial services with premium income of US$2,324 million and total revenue of US$3,251million in 2015. Mirae Asset Life manages US$33.5bn in assets with over 1,265 employees, and is ranked the 5th largest life insurance company in Korea in terms of assets after its acquisition of PCA Life Insurance in 2016.

Founded in 1910, Prévoir Group Vie is one of the leading Life, Health and Retirement companies in France with a rich heritage of over 100 years of serving the investment and protection needs to individuals and families worldwide. The company is rated “A” by Fitch for 8 consecutive years. Over the past century, Prévoir has grown into a global insurance group with over 1,600 employees and a powerful capital position.

SCOR Global Life is ranked among the top five life reinsurers in the world with over 1,900 clients, total assets of over US$ 42 billion and a market capitalization of US$ 6.8 billion. SCOR Global generated over US$ 12.9 billion in premium income and operating cash flow of US$ 1 billion, with a net income of US$ 584 million. SCOR Global employs over 2,400 people and is
active throughout the world, with a strong presence in the European markets as well as Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.