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On the 20th September 2017, Prévoir Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited (“Prévoir Vietnam”) and National Citizen Bank (“NCB”) officially launches a new life insurance product – Khang An Thành Tài. This is the first endowment education plan of the Prévoir Vietnam’s insurance products provided through NCB branches network nationwide.
Khang An Thành Tài – an education supportive insurance product helps client map out a solid financial plan for the future of their children, thereby being able to fully pursue an education path and realise the life dreams. Together with Khang An Thành Tài clients are entitled to actively participate in the riders especially designed by Prévoir Vietnam to increase the family’s protection benefits.
Insurance benefits of Khang An Thành Tài
  • Ensure the financial strength to support the children to pursue their favourite majors thanks to the education benefit of up to 150% of Sum Insured.
  • Create momentum for the children during their education path thanks to the reward for achievements of a cash amount equivalent to 2% of the Surrender value yearly.
  • Grant a cash amount of 10% of Sum Insured as a Reward for Excellence when the child passes the University entrance examination organized by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and ranks top 10 highest points in the major registered and enrolled.  
Mr. Khamsaya Soukhavong – CEO of Prévoir Vietnam shares a similar viewpoint, emphasizing that “Grasping the desire of parents, Prévoir Vietnam wishes to be the companion of clients in the journey towards their dreams’ realisation. Hence this effective education savings plan - Khang An Thành Tài will open many windows of opportunities for the child’s growth”.
This product embodies the joint enthusiasm of Prévoir Vietnam and NCB, showcasing the commitment to accompanying clients and together striving for the mission of building a bright and happy future for the Vietnamese young generation.

Information about National Citizen Bank:
National Citizen Bank was established in 1995. Experiencing 22 years in banking and finance, NCB has gradually positioned itself in the financial and monetary market of Vietnam with increasing trust built with clients, partners and investors.
NCB’s business areas include: Fund mobilization, fund receipt, trust services, loan services, discounted bills, joint venture investment, payment services.
In 2017, NCB will deploy its product strategy that focuses on the segments of Housing, Car, Digital Banking and Bancassurance. This strategy is based on the completion of its business model, enhancement of risk management capacity and expansion of partners and clients ecology.
Information about Prévoir Vietnam:
Prévoir Vietnam is a member company of Prévoir Vie which is one of the long-standing groups of finance and life insurance, being enriched by a history of over 100-year experience in France, a leading Life, Health and Retirement Company and particularly a professional insurance company which provides solutions, bancasurance for clients.
Highlights of Prévoir Vietnam:
  • Operating in Vietnam since 2005.
  • Serving more than 300,000 existing customers.
  • The recent award: Top 10 most reputable life insurance companies in 2017 in Vietnam market (Vietnam Report – June 2017)