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On 5th December, 2020, at Ho Chi Minh City Media Center, Mirae Asset Prévoir Life Insurance Company (“MAP Life”) officially announced a strategic partnership cooperation with An Binh Vien Group (“ABV”) in exploiting and optimizing of products and service of both sides.

Mr. Truong Ngoc Bich - Chairman cum CEO of ABV Group and Mr. Khamsaya Soukhavong - Chairman cum CEO of Mirae Asset Prévoir.

This cooperation is a financial investment of ABV Group to enhance the value of ABV's product as well as provide additional benefits for investors and customers when insured events occur. It fulfills the ABV Group’s obligations to its investors by ensuring there are funds available to support them.

Mirae Asset Prévoir believes that the cooperation with ABV Group will be an innovation service, when we can complement each other to deliver comprehensive financial solutions to our clients.

Mirae Asset Prévoir expects that, through this cooperation, ABV is a pioneer in integrating products and services of both parties to create added value for customers, spreading the message of the sustainable and better life to the customers and the community.

Having over 15-year experience operating in Vietnam, Mirae Asset Prévoir has been focusing on developing in-depth understanding of customers’ needs, building a strong base for financial soundness, always pioneering in the development of products and services to enhance the quality of customer service quality, bringing good values for customers’ more better lives.

Up to now, Mirae Asset Prévoir has expanded its partnership to include local and foreign financial institutions on the basis of win-win-win cooperation, meaning customers win, partners win and we win.

Mirae Asset Prévoir is proud to be The fastest growing partnership life insurance company in Vietnam.