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With the CI premium payment support rider, you will be assisted with premium payment to keep the policies in force in case of diagnosis with critical illness where the CI list includes 59 popular CI diseases.

We hope to bring you peace of mind during your treatment and recovery as your policy benefits continue to be guaranteed to protect your beloved family and yourself.


Attached files for reference

Policy Wordings

Age at entry:

18 – 60 years old

Max. age at maturity:

65 years

Policy term:

1 year, automatic renewal

Premium term:

Equal to policy term

While the rider is in force, if the Insured is diagnosed of critical illness, Mirae Asset Prévoir will:

  • Waive the premium of the main plan or support the customers to pay target premium of the main plan if the main plan is a unit-linked product; and
  • Waive premium of the attached riders that are approved to be waived of premium (if any).

This insurance benefit shall be paid from the next Premium due date right after the date of the Insured event and will ends when one of the following events occur:

  • The Principle insurance policy terminates; or
  • The policy term of the Principle insurance policy ends; or
  • The Rider policy terminates.