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In this day and age, the world opens a host of opportunities to your child. A dynamic student, a budding musician, an energetic athlete… Your child aspires to excel in every facet of life. In this journey, with firm conviction, we would like to be your companion and strive with you to help you and your child reach the destination of the journey.
Khang An Thanh Tai helps you to have an education plan for enjoying your whole life by securing the future of your children, creating a strong fulcrum to confidently establish their business.

  • Ensure finance for children to study favorite profession with totals education benefit up to 150% of Sum Insured.
  • Ensure the continuation of education plan when the unexpected occurs to the Policy Owner: Waiver of all Premium.
  • Create motivation for the kids by giving education gifts with cash value up to 2% of the Surrender Value of the previous year.
  • Protect the father or mother and the kids when he/she become mature.

Please kindly find the attached file below for your reference:
Policy Wordings
Illustration form

  • Entry age of the Principal Insured: Between 180 days and 10 years of Age on Effective Date.
  • Entry age of the Policy Owner: between 18 and 62 years of Age on the Effective Date, and less than 52 years of Age of the Principle Insured.
  • Policy Period: 21 – (minus) Age of the Principal Insured
  • Premium Payment Period: 8 years since the Effective Date, or 18 – (minus) Age of the Principal Insured
  • Payment of premiums: Premiums are payable yearly/6 months/quarterly

Creating a strong fulcrum to confidently establish their business

Principal Insured Benefits
  1. Annual Cash Benefit
Payment 2% of the Surrender Value
  1. Education Benefit
Payment 150% Sum Insured
  1. Excellent Student Award (1)
Payment 10% of Sum Insured

Protection the family from all risks, mishaps

Policy Owner Benefits
  1. Death or suffers Total and Permanent Disability
Waiver of all Premiums (2)
  1. Death or suffers Total and Permanent Disability due to Accident causes
Payment 100% of the Sum Insured + Waive all Premium in due time under the Policy from the Premium Due Date.
Principle Insured Benefits
  1. Death or suffers Total and Permanent Disability
Before receiving education benefits: payment 150% of the Sum Insured
Within the period of receipt of the Education Benefits: payment for the remaining amount of the Education Benefit

Receiving periodic education benefit every 4 years

Age of the Principal Insured (years) Guaranteed education benefit (% Sum Insured)
18 30
19 35
20 40
21 45

(1) During the Policy Period, provided that this Principal Insured is admitted, enrolled in the regular full-time, long-term course of a university in Vietnam with the Principal Insured’s entrance scores be in the top 10 highest points for registered ology of an university in the University entrance examination organized by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam
(2) The Insurance Policy shall remain effective and the benefits for the Principal Insured under the Insurance Policy shall remain intact as stipulated in the Insurance Policy