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Love begins with the caring for our beloved. The best thing we can prepare for our loving family members is about a comprehensive financial plan.

Premium payment support rider can give you peace of mind when your financial plans are ensured even if unexpected risk events happen.


Attached files for reference

Policy Wordings

Age at entry:

18 – 60 years old

Max. age at maturity:

65 years old

Policy term:

5 – 47 years

Premium term:

Equal to policy term

While the rider is in force, if the Insured is dead or totally permanently disabled, Mirae Asset Prévoir will:

  • Waive the premium of the main plan or support the customers to pay target premium of the main plan if the main plan is a unit-linked product; and
  • Waive premium of the attached riders that are approved to be waived of premium (if any).

The insurance benefits will be applied from the Next premium due date after the insured event to the end of the policy term of this rider.